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The Bombay Prevention of Hindu Bigamous Marriages Act, 1946 - Its Scope and Applicability

By Shri P. P. Deshmukh

Published In

Cr LJ 1947

The main object of the framers of the Act is to prevent the bigamous marriages among Hindus in the Province of Bombay at any cost. One has to see how far it would be successful during its operation to meet the desired object and whether there are any such deficiencies in the provisions of the Act by which one can conveniently evade the law and yet go unpunished. One has also to see whether there are any provisions necessary for divorce in peculiar cases by which the working of the Act would have been rendered more smooth. The marriage of a person during the life-time of his or her spouse, if the marriage of such person with such spouse has not been dissolved or declared void by a Court of competent jurisdiction or is not void according to the custom or usage of the community to which either of the parties to such marriage belongs is made punishable and is a “Bigamous marriage” as defined in the Act. As the Act is intended to forbid and penalise all bigamous marri ....

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